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It’s Snowing - AGAIN!!!!!

Posted by: Steph on April 30th, 2008

Here it is the last day of April and it’s snowing to beat the band. Question: Exactly what does the phrase “beat the band” mean???
Anyhoo, it’s 36 degrees - just warm enough so the snow won’t stick. Unlike Friday’s 2 foot dump at 32 degrees. But the flakes sure are big!!!!!
Wonder what impact this will […]

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The BBC’s Flying Penguins

Posted by: Steph on April 28th, 2008

Via Very Short List, a BBC video promoting the Beeb’s video streaming. It is hilarious. It certainly gives March of the Penguins a run for their money.

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The Perfect Storm II

Posted by: Steph on April 26th, 2008

Yesterday, Anchorage was flat out buried in a huge snow storm. It was the 3rd snowiest day ever recorded in Anchorage. As Weather Service described in their recap:


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It’s Winter!!!!!

Posted by: Steph on April 25th, 2008

We’re in the midst of a major winter storm. Twelve inches of very wet, heavy snow! Of course, it’s April 25th as opposed to January 25th. The Ski Boy is not a happy camper in regards to this rogue storm.
I shot my first ever video today with our new Flip video camera. I think the […]

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Time for the 7th Annual Westchester Lagoon Ice Classic!

Posted by: Steph on April 25th, 2008

Tyge at the west end of the Lagoon, yesterday afternoon. The temperature was 55 degrees. Today, that same location has morphed back into a winter wonderland
I’ll bet you all were worried - how can it be April without a Westchester Lagoon Ice Classic??!!!! However, we’ve had very cold Spring and as I type, we’re in […]

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Gobi Desert - in Anchorage

Posted by: Steph on April 23rd, 2008

First up - sorry about the lack of posts for the past ten days. It’s been another stretch where I got whumped by the CFS stick.
Anyhoo, a blanket of sorts has settled in over Anchorage. It’s hazy. Really hazy. And the haze is not locally generated - it’s not dust left over from winter sanding. […]

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Geocaching and Dalai Lama

Posted by: Steph on April 12th, 2008

This afternoon, The Ski Boy and I headed down to the Qwest Field parking lot and then over to Chinatown to snag a few geocaches. Guess who was also at Qwest Field? Yup, His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Of course, His Holiness wasn’t geocaching. He was speaking to a crowd of 50,000 people as part […]

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Posted by: Steph on April 12th, 2008

Me, the Ski Boy and The Dalai Lama are in the Emerald City for the weekend. Seattle is definitely a happenin’ place.
This morning, we (Peter and I - not The Dalai Lama) did brunch with Alix, Anna, and Mari at our favorite place, Cafe Campagna. Pomme frites were enjoyed by all!!!
The girls. From left to […]

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A Darn Good Day

Posted by: Steph on April 10th, 2008

As I was walking out of AT&T Park after the Giants beat the Cardinals 5-1, I thought, “I’ve had a really great day!”
This morning’s (early morning, btw) Identity Management sessions at the RSA conference were quite good. I think that in regards to Identity Management, RSA 2008 has been the best conference that I’ve attended. […]

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Hangin’ with the Security Geeks at RSA 2008

Posted by: Steph on April 9th, 2008

I’m in San Francisco at RSA 2008. Ironically, this year’s conference theme is Turing Lives. My post on the Dilbert-Turing cartoon of a few weeks ago was almost prescient.
RSA is one of the heavy hitter tech conferences. It’s quite large and the geek quotient is through the roof. If you think developers are geeky, wait […]

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